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SDG 6 Clean water - The power of a network_Marie Claude Drouin.pdf
SDG 6 Clean water - Wastewater treatment and reuse using a constructed wetland system at institutional level_Kene Carol Dick.pdf
SDG 6 Clean water - Quality Standards and Assessment of Village Water Supply Systems_Janya Trairat.pdf
SDG 6 Clean water - ISO PC305 and ISO PC318 Supporting SDG 6_Francine Abiola.pdf
SDG 7 Energy - UNIDO experience with ISO 50001 in its energy management system capacity building program.pdf
SDG 7 Energy - Requirements for technical acceptance of wind and solar projects for energy auctions in Brazil.pdf
SDG 7 Energy - Renewables for an affordable and clean energy sector_IRENA.pdf
SDG 7 Energy - Energy reform in Mexico - Upstream regulation that promotes the Sustainable Development of the oil and gas resources.pdf
SDG 7 Energy - Applying ASTM International Standards to support environmentally friendly fuels.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - Valencia Smart City_Ramon Ferri.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - SDG11 -Sustainable cities and communities_Duncan Shaw.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - The Global-Scale Alert Hub for official emergency alerts_Eliot Christian.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - ISO 22327 Guidelines for implementation of a community-based landslide early warning system_Teuku Faisal Fathani.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - Interoperability of IntelligentTransportation Systems (ITS) _Ramy A. Fathy.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - ISO TC268 in support of SmartvSustainable development of cities and territories and UN SDGs_Dr. Bernard Gindroz.pdf
SDG 11 Smart city - A safer, more secure and resilient society_Åsa Kyrk Gere.pdf
SDG 13 Climate - Exploring the scale of climate change - Eco Marck Africa Certification_Mr. Philip Anyango.pdf
SDG 13 Climate - Contribution to UN SDGs - ISOTC 207 on Environment Management_Ms. Chikako Makino.pdf
SDG 13 Climate - Climate change mitigation through electrical appliance transformation in Ghana_Mr. Kofi Agyarko.pdf
SDG 13 Climate - Chile and its efforts towards high quality in PV systems for desert conditions_Ms. Ana Maria Ruz.pdf
SDG 13 Climate - Blockchain standards for SDG 13 Climate action_ Dr. Philippa Ryan.pdf
SDG 13 Climate - A compliance program to prevent crimes against environment, bribery, data protection and health and safety_Mr. Emanuele Riva.pdf